File Name:NHP2010BD1 Utility
Download List:Powerline AV Adapters>200Mbps Powerline>NHP2010BD1
Brief introduction:
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1. How to setup wireless security

  • Make sure your first Homeplug is NOT connected to the router.
  • Connect your PC or laptop to the ADD-NHP2010 either by wireless or Ethernet cable.
  • Open the Internet browser and in the address bar, type in to access the web-based management interface. The default Username is admin and the Password is admin.
  • Click on OK to get into the management interface and you will see the following page.
  • Click Wireless Settings->Security
  • You can choose different security type from dropdown list. For example, you can choose Security Mode WPA-PSK, select AES for WPA Algorithms and enter your own network key into Press Phrase field. And then click Apply to save the changes.
  • Now connect your first Homeplug to your router.
  • Your wireless connection will be disconnected automatically if you are using the wireless when you setup the wireless security. Then you just need to wait for a few second and reconnect to it by enter your network key. Make sure you connect your first Homeplug to your router before you reconnect your PC or laptop to the NHP2010 by wireless.
  • If you cannot access Internet after you reconnect to wireless HomePlug, turn off the wireless HomePlug and then turn it on. After that, connect your PC or laptop to the NHP2010 again.

2. Problem: Set up as in the QIG, but it still cannot get Internet.

  • Homeplug system can only work in the same electrical ring. You need to make sure the wall outlet for homeplug units must be in the same electrical ring.
  • For a test, you can put homeplug units in the same room; make sure the date lights on both homeplugs are on (If the date lights are not on, the two homeplugs are not talking to each other). If you can get to work in the same room, then homeplugs are OK. The original wall outlet for second homeplug may not in the same electrical ring as the one you connect to your router and cause the trouble to get Internet.
  • Once you proof the homeplugs are OK, then you can try the different wall outlets for second homeplug.

3. I can get Internet via wireless homeplug, but I cannot get Internet via my original router at same time.


The problem caused by the same IP address on your router and wireless homeplug, If the first 3 digits of the NHP2010 IP address are the same as the first 3 digits of your router IP address, then please change the default IP address of the NHP2010 and make it different from your router IP address. For example, if your router default IP address is which is the same as the NHP2010, then you can change the NHP2010 default IP address to

  • Go to the NHP2010 management page at (username:admin/password:admin), click on Internet settings->LAN.
  • Change the third digit 1 to 2 in IP address, Start IP Address and End IP Address boxes.
  • Click on Apply to save the changes.

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