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Please, during the configuration of the Addon APR3000N in repeater mode, type the Network Key very carefully and make sure that it is correct. 

Be careful with the uppercase and lowercase letters. Click on Unmask (checkbox right to the password field) for see the password that you typed and check it.

If you type the wrong Network Key during the configuration of the APR3000N in the repeater mode, you must reset the device and start over the Repeater Mode Configuration by following the Quick Installation Guide.

For reset the WiFi Range Extender, please press the button hole on the right side of the device (RESET) with a thin instrument for more than 10 seconds and then release it (The WiFi Range Extender must be plugged into the electrical outlet).

The system would be restored to the factory default settings and you would be able to start the configuration from the begin.

1. I can not login to my APR3000N WiFi Range Extender management page at

If you cannot access this WiFi Range Extender management page at, please reset your device to manufacture settings 

Reset WiFi Range Extender:
Keep WiFi Range Extender Power on, use a pin to press and hold the small hole on the side of this device for about 10 seconds.

If you are still not able to access to after reset, please connect the APR3000N (must be plugged into the power socket) to your computer by ethernet cable RJ45 (included in the box) and disconnect your computer from any other connection (unplug the cable if your computer is connected to internet by cable or disconnect from your wireless connection). Just leave the APR3000N connected to your computer by Ethernet cable RJ45. At this stage, you should be able to reach the access page

2. How do I install my wireless adapter in Windows 8.1?

Addon wireless adapters can be detected automatically and installed by windows 8.1. You don’t need to install any driver at all.

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